Frequently Asked Questions


I have tried so many programmes and they have all been unsuccessful. Is it possible for me to lose weight?

The NUTRITION MED-CLINIC helps its patients to obtain results which often are not possible through a weight loss program alone. Through its multi-disciplinary approach which incorporates both nutrition and pharmaceuticals, the clinic offers its patient a far greater chance of long-term success than a simple weight loss program alone would offer.

How will I manage to integrate programme into my lifestyle?

Plans are individualized and tailored for the individual based on his or her needs. Programs are designed to be realistic and sustainable and are implemented at a pace that suits the patient.

Are the prescribed medications safe?

All medications used are approved for use by the Medical Control Council of South Africa and have been thoroughly tested both locally and internationally to ensure their safety and efficiency.

How much can I lose in a week?

A patient can realistically lose 0.5 – 1 KG per week.

Will I be able to eat out?

Yes. Plans are flexible and don’t make untenable demands on the patient’s lifestyle.